What you definitely need to do in Europe once in your life


On a continent like Europe, we definitely have a lot to see, do, eat, shop and enjoy. That’s why we have to put them in order. Traveling souls out there, keep the following in mind on your next trips on European soil.


Walk through the canals of Amsterdam

Even if you have other things on your mind to do in Amsterdam, don’t forget to grab a beer, some roasted herring and get on a boat to cross the city’s canals. Since the curtains are not the forte of the Dutch, you will have the opportunity to peek inside various houses and see their wonderful interior.

Bathing naked in Stockholm

When the sun rises at 3 p.m. in the summer and the Swedes return home from their nightly entertainment, a swim free of clothes and swimwear is considered perfectly acceptable. Favorites for this are many, considering that Stockholm is made up of more than 14 islands, but the small coves west of the Västerbron Bridge at the edge of the Långholmen and the southern shores of the Kungsholmen at the Norr Mälarstrand are a must in terms of safety. and privacy. The crystal clear, cool waters will definitely refresh you before you even drink your fika (coffee) breakfast.

Best Cities in Croatia That People Love 1

Oysters in Croatia

In Mali Ston Bay, between the Peljesac Peninsula and the hinterland, people have been cultivating oysters since Roman times and have known seafood for centuries. Head there if you want to try their delicate taste, along with some local white wine, pošip.

Flamenco in Andalusia

Watch a flamenco show anywhere in the Andalusian region of Spain – although Seville is fine. Grab a botella de vino, sit back and enjoy your wine while watching this beautiful and energetic dance with your friends.

Vienna State Opera cancels March performances - Rhinegold

Opera in Vienna

Music, as we know it today, would be completely different without the existence of Vienna, which nurtured talents like Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, plus local talents like Schubert and Strauss. Visitors today can hear and feel the fruits of all this creativity of these great composers, through the legendary scenes of the city, such as the Staatsoper and the Theater an der Wien.

Vikings in Roskilde

Roskilde in Denmark is now famous for its music festival. But this city, more than a thousand years old, just outside Copenhagen, was once the center of a thriving Viking community. Visit the Viking Ship Museum, where you can try out traditional equipment and even take a stroll around the fjord on a remodeled ship. On the way to the city, stop at Roskilde Domkirke, a cathedral on the UNESCO World Heritage List where kings and queens are buried.

Louvre Museum Skip-the-Line Visit with Bus Tour in Paris 2021

Art in Paris

If you are in Paris and do not spend at least one day visiting the Louvre, you will miss the opportunity to see up close some of the greatest art treasures that humanity has ever created. Do not waste all your time on famous works, such as the Mona Lisa and the Victory of Samothrace. At the Louvre you will find literally thousands of works to admire, such as Renaissance paintings, Egyptian sarcophagi, but also the building itself, which includes a mini Arc de Triomphe and a large glass and metal pyramid (along with three smaller ones) located in its courtyard. Napoleon.

Fjords in Norway

The fjords are essentially synonymous with Norway. These narrow strips of sea, surrounded by rocky hills or cliffs and creating a backdrop from a painting, are a must-see before you die. They were formed thousands of years ago, after the melting of the ice, where the sea water flooded the valleys of the area and in western Norway you will see some of the most famous. The Sognefjord is 204 km long, 1038 km deep and is considered the “king” of all fjords, as it is the longest and deepest in Norway.

Baths of Budapest - FAQ - Baths Budapest

Thermal Baths in Budapest

One of the greatest pleasures in the Hungarian capital is definitely its hot springs. These architectural diamonds are located in a labyrinth of saunas, natural hot pools, etc., whose mineral-rich water comes directly from the ground. There are many spas in the city, but Gellert is one of the most famous, as well as Király and Rudas Baths built by 16th century Turks.

Because the things we definitely need to do in Europe are definitely not just these, we will be back with the rest soon.

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