What to do if your carpentry doesn’t help you build muscle


If you have a slim build and build volume makes your workouts look like an odyssey, see how you can change it from today.

Your genes decided you were going to be a skinny life. This is good when you are dealing with obesity (since your fat cells are dwarfed and your metabolism runs wild compared to the rest), but when you want to fill big and strong muscles, it sticks, even if you are training over 5 days a week. Here you will learn how to achieve your goal through diet tips and adapting your muscle to a specific hypertrophy routine.

The diet that builds muscle

Unlike men who need to lose weight, you have to do the opposite: get a steady calorie surplus, but not over-eating or filling your body with fat.

The quality of food in a muscle hypertrophy process is important, so it consumes larger portions of high-protein protein rich foods: fish (with cod), white meat (from poultry) and eggs. You supplement your meals with slow-absorbing vegetables, cereals and carbohydrates in order to have higher endurance levels when it comes to training.

The training that creates volume

If you really want to create a muscle that is capable of growing to levels unprecedented for you, you need to be very consistent in both your diet and your workouts. Strength training is the key to stimulating growth hormone, with loads gradually adjusting. You can’t build a house from the roof. Strong foundations are needed. And these, in your case, start from very low. Step by step:

The first phase of the routine is about increasing muscle tone and the second is about stepping up pounds, reps and sets. Don’t start with loads that you can only lift for just a few repetitions, because in the phase you are in, your muscles will not be able to withstand and therefore will be badly injured.

Personalized exercises are another crucial factor in muscle hypertrophy. Even though you would love to run a lot more “gym” programs in the gym, you owe it to yourself to be sluggish and patient at first. Your foundations are still deep, and until they come to the surface, your exercises must be personalized in order to increase muscle tone.


At first he insisted on so-called multi-articular, functional exercises that sufficiently stimulate growth hormone, so those are the ones that interest you the most. Weightless semi-seats, bench presses and dead lifts with dead bar, pull-ups, push-ups, military dumbbells, are your fundamental exercises in the gym.
Once you have gained muscle tone and increased endurance, you go on to more individual exercises to increase your volume.

When starting out, it is reasonable and safe not to train with huge loads, making sure you choose weights close to 60-70% of the load you can run in a single repetition. The goal is to complete your program by working with relative ease all the repetitions and sets required. Even throwing the load a little lower in the last set of each exercise is not bad. Rest assured that within the next two to three weeks, your maximal repetition will increase sharply and you will be able to train to a higher level of strength, which essentially paves the way for a progressive and extremely spectacular muscle hypertrophy.

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