Tips from a top Trainer to lose weight


What kind of training and diet to do for weight loss with a guaranteed result.

In a new video uploaded to YouTube’s Athlean-X channel, coach Jeff Cavaliere gives some great tips, 100% useful for anyone who wants to ‘dry’ their body or lose weight. According to what he convincingly claims, for slimming with a guaranteed result, it is the simplicity of the approach that you will follow that can make you be more consistent in your plan and, ultimately, achieve your goal.

He proposes a comprehensive action plan based on the formula ‘how many calories do you get from your diet against those you burn with exercise’. Let’s look at it step by step.

What workout to do to burn calories

Although with running and aerobic exercise and a lot of calories, Cavaliere suggests that 60% of your training time focus on strength training and the remaining 40% between aerobic and fitness training.

The rationale behind this approach has nothing to do with the calories you burn while doing strength training. It is based on the fact that by building new muscle tissues you improve your metabolism and thus increase the calories you burn while you rest. So, start with exercises that activate many muscle groups at the same time.

Συμβουλές ενός κορυφαίου προπονητή για να αδυνατίσεις

The role of calories you consume

The most important thing, of course, when you want to lose weight is not training but diet. And as we have already mentioned everything has to do with calories. The ones you burn in the gym and the ones you get through your diet.

Cavaliere is upright. He assures you that in no case is it possible to overcome poor nutrition with training. No matter how many calories and how, you will soon find, as he says, that the most important part in this process is the calories you take in. You should, therefore, focus on foods that satiate you, such as eggs.

How much protein do you need and what else should you look out for

If you follow a training program to increase your muscle mass, you should consume enough protein. The recommended ‘dose’ is about 0.7 to 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

A common dietary mistake that many people make is to eliminate carbohydrates from their diet. If, yes, you’re addicted to carbs before you start a diet, we’re normally talking about a recipe for failure. This is because if you go from one nutritional point to another, you have almost no chance of remaining consistent.

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