Three beautiful Instagram places in the world


Their beauty looks unreal, each for different reasons, so much so that they look like they were created for … Instagram.

Cinque Terre, Italy
With so many colors, the famous Cinque Terre area on the west coast of Italy will hardly leave the visitor unmoved. Beautiful medieval villages, churches, traditional workshops and delicious cuisine, all in a frame that looks like a fairy tale.


La Boca, Buenos Aires
Caminito is the city’s famous street on the Riachuelo River, and as eccentric as this neighborhood may be, its explanation is much more practical. The houses were built from the useless objects of the yard and were painted with whatever paint was left over. This “living” square, today, illuminates the working-class neighborhood and has raised it to a tourist destination for visitors from all over the world.

Blue lake, Iceland
Just looking at a photo you can feel the steam of this natural, geothermal spa. It is located in Iceland, just 40 kilometers outside the capital Reykjavik and is definitely impressive in the photos.

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