The off-road luxury of the Jaguar F-Pace


Powerful on the road, unbeatable in the snow.

In winter, every petrolhead’s dream is to drive a powerful SUV in the snow. So what better part of a driving experience with the Jaguar F-Pace. The English brand’s compact luxury crossover SUV is a powerful beast that retains all the subtle charm that Jaguar carries.

As we learn, the experience was immensely entertaining, since turning off security systems led the powerful F-Pace as if it were still in the 70s. 550 horsepower, 680 Nm torque, 283 km / h and 0-100 in just 4.3 seconds. As you can see, this model is an SUV masked sportscar.

In the snow now, its electronic systems give it perfect traction on the ice. It’s almost impossible, even under the worst of circumstances, to lose control, as the luxury Jaguar SUV is really well on its feet.

When these same systems are switched off, of course, the F-Pace turns into a really fun car, but due to its awesome power it is only good to be tested by really experienced drivers. In any case, its V8 supercharged engine is ideal, just like the car in general, for both the road and the snowy and frigid tracks you can find all over Europe.

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