The new luxury Porsche yacht. (pics)


No doubt the Royal Falcon One is well ahead of its time.

it’s no news that Porsche likes to design more luxurious items than supercars. In addition to accessories and clothes, it is also active in an even more impressive area: The boats are capable of causing admiration even to someone who has no interest in the sea.

As for the Royal Falcon One, a yacht designed by Studio FA Porsche (a subsidiary) on behalf of the Royal Falcon Fleet in Singapore? We can. in very simple terms, to say that the German brand did what the customer asked for: “An ideal water spaceship”.

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Το νέο υπερπολυτελές γιοτ της Porsche θυμίζει διαστημόπλοιο

The result of the assignment is, in essence, a super yacht or otherwise a 41-meter-long catamaran that looks like the future. Its design gives it the feeling that it is ready to take off. The design is such that it allows all rooms in this floating villa to be at deck level, making the Royal Falcon One stand out from the competition.

γιοτ Πόρσε

The sizes really impress: The Porsche super yacht has up to 3 bedrooms for guests at the central level, while the main suite and VIP suite are located on the upper deck. Of course there are more rooms for the 10 crew.

No, it’s not just these places, as there are others that are meant to entertain the passengers. In the striking interior, where the soft white, gray and black colors are dominated by models like the 911, there is a state-of-the-art leather sofa bar as well as an impressive jacuzzi on the upper deck.

γιοτ Πόρσε 4

To get to the sea now, he uses two diesel engines of 2300 hp, capable of reaching top speeds reaching 35 knots (approximately 65 km / h). As for its price, the British yacht-based company Camper & Nicholsons has a Royal Falcon One that has done a few miles to the sea for sale. But one has to contact her to find out the cost of this maritime spaceship.

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