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5 epic choices

Burger, melted cheese, sauce and more. It’s very hard to resist a burger. If you can do it, well done, but there’s probably something wrong with you. However, the search for the perfect burger is not an easy process – perhaps because the ideal burger does not exist and (and) because all burgers have something to offer the true fans of the sport.

So in this effort, we did a quick search on social media and found some interesting tidbits. Which is the tastiest, which is the craziest, and which is the most fun? Which one costs a fortune? See the answers below.

The most expensive

It is sold at Fleur in Las Vegas and costs $5,000. His burger is from Kobe beef, it also contains foie gras and lots of truffles.

The Fleur Burger 5000

The -seemingly- tastier

The Patty and Bun chain that has recently become very fashionable in London has quite a few worthy burgers, but the one that most people are talking about is the Smokey Robinson: Beef patty, cheese, tomato, caramelized onions, bacon, ketchup and smoky P&B mayo , in a brioche bun.

The most famous

Fancy and pioneering you wouldn’t call it, but the Big Mac has always been your faithful companion in every difficult moment. And everyone recognizes it.

The most fun

If on one of your trips abroad you have “honored” Five Guys burgers, then you know exactly what we are talking about.

The most vegan

At London Roast they serve the following: Quinoa, beet burger and avocado, inside a charcoal bun. It’s only by chance that it wasn’t called the Ultimate Veggie Burger, and of course it’s a hit with hipsters.

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