The Graveyard cocktail – will you survive?


A very special cocktail, for strong drinkers and people who want to taste many flavors at once.
Can you afford it or you will go to……………….the graveyard;


  • 1 package d’orange liqueur (cointreau, grand marnier…)
  • 1 package de stout
  • 1 package de high proof rum
  • 1 package de vodka
  • 1 package de gin
  • 1 package de tequila
  • 1 package de whisky (whiskey,bourbon…)
  • 1 package de whisky (whiskey,bourbon…)
  • 1 package de beer (lager)


  1. Step 1Use a “In glass” for “Graveyard” drink recipe.
  2. Step 2Mix the 5 whites and 2 whiskies in a beer mug in equal amounts. Top up the rest of the mug with half beer and half stout.
  3. Step 3Serve in “Mug”.
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