The global brand called Santa Claus and its international editions


Do not take anything for granted for the one who comes down from your fireplace.

Bad lies, Santa Claus is the first example of globalization before this word acquires its current dimension. It is an invention of Coca Cola (hence the red uniform) and was “born” in 1931. Until then, overnight holiday season sought to “personify” its spirit with a saint, so the Catholics had St. Nicholas (Nikolaous, Claous) , while the Orthodox had St. Basileios. When the Feasts also acquired a festive character, various other peoples added figures from its earlier religions, such as the Scandinavians, while others, non-Christian (mainly Asian), created a festive saint to their liking. Thus the Saint does not visit the houses with the turn of time, as the Greeks still believe. Most people bring their Christmas presents. So, if you happen to be in a strange country these days, do not be surprised if you see one of these guys.

Santa Claus

Το παγκόσμιο brand που λέγεται Άγιος Βασίλης και οι διεθνείς του εκδόσεις - TOP 10 ΨΥΧΑΓΩΓΙΑ

It is the most common form, the one with which children from all over the world have connected their donor. He descends from the chimneys of the fireplaces (unknown from where he enters the tropical countries) and leaves his gifts, in exchange (usually a glass of milk and cookies). This fact made him one of the overweight.

St. Basileios

The Greek Orthodox Saint is (visually) the youngest of all and obviously thinner than his catholic colleague. He does not distribute gifts, but as the first creator of organized charity, he makes sure that our needy and weak fellow human beings find food and “warmth” during the holidays.

Dent Moroz, Russia

The “Frozen Grandpa” traditionally wears a blue suit (although in recent years he has added a red one to his wardrobe) and is always accompanied by Snegurotska (the “Snow Maiden”), a beautiful blonde.

Sinterklaas, South Africa and the Netherlands

Το παγκόσμιο brand που λέγεται Άγιος Βασίλης και οι διεθνείς του εκδόσεις - TOP 10 ΨΥΧΑΓΩΓΙΑ

It reminds me of a bishop who, in his attempt to reach the young public during the holy days, took off his priestly uniform and wore the most “catchy” red. In South Africa he brings his gifts to the obedient children of the Boers.

Ayoz Bobo, Turkmenistan

Because he operates in a Muslim country, he is imposing and majestic, so that he is respected by non-believers as well. It is probably a custom-remnant of Russian rule in the region, from the time of Peter the Great.

Santa Claus (black edition), Atlanta, USA

We do not know if it is a creation of the Black Panthers or of the 7th Art, however the children in Atlanta address the letters to him with their wishes.

Tome, Scandinavia

Το παγκόσμιο brand που λέγεται Άγιος Βασίλης και οι διεθνείς του εκδόσεις - TOP 10 ΨΥΧΑΓΩΓΙΑ

A pre-Christian elf, plays the role of Santa Claus of the Swedes and Norwegians during Christianity and together with (or riding on) Jule (who is not a reindeer, but a goat!) Distributes gifts in the far north. He wears the longest hat of all the donors of the holy days.

Breunder Klaus, Switzerland

“Brother Klaus”, Nicholas von Flue (Flight Nicholas), has the position of Santa Claus in Switzerland, of which he is the patron saint. He is a real historical person who was sanctified. He is the most ascetic of all and probably needs our (their) help, rather than being able to hand out gifts (which is why he undertakes the need for donation to be completed by Christkind).

Dun Che Lao Ren, China

Το παγκόσμιο brand που λέγεται Άγιος Βασίλης και οι διεθνείς του εκδόσεις - TOP 10 ΨΥΧΑΓΩΓΙΑ

The “Christmas Elder” is perhaps the best adaptation of a Christian saint in an Asian, Buddhist country: he resembles Santa Claus, but he is a purebred Chinese man, both physiologically and costume-wise. He distributes clothes, toys and fine food to the children and identifies with the “Smiling Buddha”. The Elder distributes his gifts to the Christian children at this time of year, and the “Smiling Buddha” to the remaining 500 million children, all seasons of the year.

Hoteiso, Japan

Although Christians make up only 1% of the Japanese population, the “gift-giving monk” figure is more popular, as Christmas is celebrated by the entire population. The coolest version of Santa Claus strongly resembles a sumo wrestler (only he is smiling), he wears red and is the one who most defies the cold of the day.

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