The extraordinarily expensive foods that you will logically never try in your life


One of the best things you can do to save money is to eat good quality food. If you have a few (or enough) euros left over, here are some options to eat, figuratively and literally.

Da-Hong Pao Tea

In 2002, a fan of tea paid almost € 24,000 at auction and made his own 20 grams of this tea, which grows only in the Wuyi Mountains of China. It probably grew, as the red bushes, although protected for centuries, stopped producing new tea in 2005. So you understand why its cost is so high.

La Bonnotte potatoes

In no case could the potato be considered a luxury delicacy. Unless we are talking about the little yellow La Bonnotte potatoes, which are the most expensive on the planet and are served in selected restaurants in the most popular destinations on Earth. Potatoes from the small French island of Noirmoutier (off the west coast of France in the Atlantic) are harvested by hand and about 100 tonnes are produced each year. Its price reaches € 600 / kg.

Pule cheese

It is made from donkey milk in Zasavica, Serbia and is considered the most expensive in the world. Its taste is reminiscent of that of the Spanish Manchego, with smoky textures and a very rich body. As for its price, it amounts to € 974 / kg.

Jamon Iberico De Bellota

One of the most characteristic dishes of Spanish cuisine is jamón ibérico, with Bellota being the best and highest quality version. Hence the most expensive. The sausage from the Iberian breed of black pig (which feeds mostly on acorns) with the intramuscular fat and the unsurpassed aroma of its meat, matures 36-48 months in special cellars and is served in very thin slices to melt in the mouth. An entire leg from this one costs up to € 1,000.

Wagyu Ribeye

Beef from Japan comes from a specific type of beef that is raised in a very unique way that includes up to … massage and beer in its diet, so that its meat remains tender. Taste and texture make it great, which is why the steak costs € 250.

Yubari melon

These melons are grown in greenhouses in Yubari, near Hokkaido, Japan and are hybrids of two different types of melons. Its price reaches up to € 10,000 each due to its uniquely sweet taste and its perfect round shape. Its nutritional value is considered to be higher than usual.

Bourbon Pappy Van Winkle

An expensive meal certainly follows an equally expensive digestif. Like this bourbon, whose bottles disappear (via special orders from the distillery in Kentucky) before they even hit the market. The shotgun costs € 65.

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