The exercises that eliminate the flabby chest


No man wants to have female-looking breasts. With these exercises, you will gain a chest reminiscent of an ancient Greek warrior.

For most men, the No. 1 problem in their bodies is the belly. But nothing works if you have fat around there – after all, a little blow seems to attract more women.
But there are also some men who live with a much bigger aesthetic problem: the thick and wavy breasts, which are a little too far from the female.

Caution: steroids increase your chest

If the problem is not purely hormonal (and this is something your doctor will see) the reason you have overdone, but chest freshness over the years is the adipose tissue that has accumulated around the chest muscles. And, as you would do to get rid of your belly belly, you need to hang your chest: the right exercises.

Be careful though. We are not talking about a program to enlarge your chest muscles, but about specific exercises that eliminate fat from the sternum.

Personal trainer and fitness model Chris Ryan, who is also a presenter of the NBC television show Strong reality show, says: “The fat chest cutting process requires a number of simple exercises for precision – 9, which insist on burning fat. and less on muscle mass swelling There have been cases where men with excess adipose tissue have performed sternum swelling exercises and the result was even worse aesthetically: a couple resting on women’s breasts.

In your case, work should not focus exclusively on the chest muscles but should include all the muscles of the back, shoulders and even the abdomen. That is why you have to attach great importance to bending variants. “

“T” push-ups, with hand extensions alternately

Diamond push-ups, hands clasped beneath chest

Multi-lateral push-ups, with palms clapping at each lift of the trunk

Dive Bomber Push-Ups or Commando Push -Ups

Military pressures with upright bar

Push Ups with extremely slow tempo

Single dumbbell shoulder rotations

Bench presses with neutral (to narrow) handle of bar

Chest presses with dumbbells on a sloping bench

“Remember this: changes in execution rate (ie isometric, eccentric or multimetric contractions) offer greater muscle stimulation,” says Ryan. “Don’t be afraid to drop the weight in half or more. The point in your case is not the muscle swelling, but the burning of most repetitions, which will push the fat and stimulate your chest. Working systematically with this plan, you will not need more than two months to see your sternum become 100% male again, like an ancient Greek statue. “

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