The basic rules for drinking tequila properly


One of the things that automatically comes to mind when you hear the word Mexico is definitely tequila. The popular agave distillate is one of the most interesting drinks in the world and you can enjoy it in various ways. The head bartender of Casa Neta in New York, Angel Bolivar, explains how to drink your tequila properly.

Οι βασικοί κανόνες για να πίνεις σωστά την τεκίλα - ΠΟΤΟ

Drink like the locals

In Mexico, tequila is stored in the refrigerator to cool and when served to be … arranged on ice. And it is always drunk plain.

Without salt and lemon

When you drink tequila, you have to discover its true taste: The honey notes of agave, the aroma of citrus or pepper. Keep the salt and lemon to make Margarita or Paloma later and leave it to the simplicity of the taste.

Do not rush

When you have in your hands a quality tequila, take advantage of the situation as best you can. Take your time and drink slowly. No one is going to tell you to hurry.

Know what you will drink

There are three basic types of tequila and they are made based on its distillation. Blanco (white or Silver), bottled immediately after distillation or within 60 days, Reposado, which has matured for at least two months but less than a year in oak barrels, and Anejo, which has matured for at least a year and less than three years, in small oak barrels.

Never ask about the worm

You will never find a worm in high-quality tequila. Always keep this in mind.

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