The 10-day volume and weight training program for your chest


These are the 4 series of exercises that create a wider, bulkier and bulletproof chest.

Το 10ήμερο πρόγραμμα όγκου και γράμμωσης για το στήθος σου - FITNESS TIPS

“Train your chest and forget the rest”: the permanent echo of the majority of experienced trainers who know about body transformations. The wide and protruding chest of a man gives pride to anyone who has acquired him. And at the same time, no awe-inspiring actor took the lead without first building a pair of armor in the gym.

On the other hand, a well-trained chest gives perfect harmony to a well-toned lower body (the opposite is not the case), but there is one more thing: working out your chest at the same time working out your shoulders, arms, back and shoulders ABS.

In the program below you will see 4 rows of exercises performed in a circle, creating a dynamic but not debilitating program. It primarily targets the chest, but gives plenty of opportunities to all other mid and upper muscles to get into the tumor.

The secret of different angles
In the program you will also see exercises that do not require bench work. But when a bench is needed, you will find that many movements are made at an angle.

Multiple pressure angles are the trick that bodybuilders use to achieve volume and weight in their chest muscles faster. And there is a scientific reason why targeting muscle groups at different angles leads to more growth: muscle separation. If you look at an anatomical image of the male breast, you will see that the breast fibers work mostly horizontally, which means there are numerous different anatomical muscle regions that have their own primary nerve branches. So performing exercises at specific angles leaves no point in the muscles to inactivate a truly swollen and fractured chest – as you do in all Marvel heroes.

Classic bar presses on the bench -5×5

Pressures with dumbbells on -3×8 sloping bench

Bends waiting a few seconds in the down position -3×12

series of exercises Β

Bar presses on sloping bench -4×5

Dumbbell presses on foam roller -4×10

Finishing pressures on flyes on a -3×15 flat bench

series of exercises C

Bar presses on a flat bench -4×8

Presses with dumbbells and handle inward on a -3×10 bench level

Pulley openings and pressures (low position) -3×15

series of exercises D

Bench presses on the counter with closed handle (at shoulder height) -4×6

Pressures with dumbbells on the ground -3×10

Pulley openings and pressures (high position) -3×15

Perform the above program in full cycle daily, leaving two consecutive days for rest at the end of the entire ten-day training period. In the third decade you will be released as a true super hero of Marvel.

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