Sunrise, the largest open superyacht on the planet


The design of a 135 meter boat is quite demanding in itself. So much length, so many details, so many small problems that the designer has to solve. In fact, when this must be a cabrio but also meet all the standards of absolute luxury, then the equation seems to have no solution.

But not for Roberto Curto, the Italian designer behind the Sunrise yacht. What exactly is this again? The largest open superyacht on the planet.

A boat in other words that seems to have come out of the wet dreams of every tycoon who wants to travel in style and comfort to the oceans and seas of the planet.

Sunrise, the yacht of dreams

The Genoa-based designer did his best to present a yacht that may have the dimensions of a football field but has nothing to envy from its competitors. The fact that it is open just makes it even more attractive – as it does with convertibles. No one ever said no to the open roof.

Unlike many similar cake-like boats due to the different levels, the Sunrise gives the feeling of a giant loft where (almost) everything happens on one level. “I wanted to bring sport aesthetics to the world of superyachts,” said Curto about his creation.

Did he succeeded? The photos speak for themselves and it is worth noting that the Sunrise is not only beautiful and luxurious but also absolutely useful, since its design is such that it can travel even in the wildest seas.

The outdoor dining area for 22 people, the oversized pool, the helipad and the special space for parking jet-skis are just some of the amenities that create the dream image, combined with impressive design details such as the sculpted raindrop that adorns the central living room.

Minimal aesthetics, maximum luxury and speed that reaches 24 knots. This is what the Sunrise, the largest open yacht on the planet, looks like. Or as its creator has stated: “We see innovation being created on water”.

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