Muscle building lessons from Lucifer


Tom Ellis loaded 9 kilos of muscles with this “devilish” workout for shoulders and core.

When Fox canceled the Lucifer series two years ago, protagonist Tom Ellis did not give up his training. Trying to keep his fitness level high so that he is ready when at some point the new cycles of the series would start shooting, Ellis raised the bar of his body structure even higher, and this can be realized by anyone watching his new episodes. Lucifer, reborn through the Netflix platform this time.

Μαθήματα ανάπτυξης μυϊκής μάζας από τον Lucifer

“I do not need to motivate or please Tom when we are going to work out together at the gym,” says Paolo Mascitti, personal trainer, “as he is a guy who not only enjoys hard training, but is completely obedient to any instructions I give”. The result; Within a few months, Ellis was able to fill his upper body with 9 pounds of lean muscle mass, and he shows it in all the scenes where he appears without a shirt, creating a very powerful, powerful and intimidating “Lucifer”.

The exercises that turned Tom Ellis into the Lord of Hell

Lucifer’s muscle hypertrophy program included six days of training per week, four of them with a specially focused upper body workout and two days of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). “Given that Tom was a lean body type, all our attention was focused on building muscle, joint shielding and cardiorespiratory endurance, working with more emphasis on complex exercises with body weight being the main foundation of the program.” says the coach. “The pull-ups were never a key part of Tom’s workout before we worked together, but now he loves pull-ups and enjoys pushing himself to such an extent that he seeks to break any previous repetition record in any session.” And this is just one example of how seriously he has taken the natural challenge of his role as Lucifer.

The “satanic” diet

The most difficult thing that the coach had to tame, was the unstable eating habits of the actor. “In order to be able to build such muscle mass faster, Tom had to forget what he knew. And most importantly, keep his favorite beer to a minimum,” says Mascitti.
But the main goal was to eliminate any kind of processed food from his menu. Ellis’s daily diet plan was as follows:

Breakfast usually consisted of an omelette with five egg whites, a yolk and an avocado, accompanied by a bowl of oatmeal with red berries.
The lunch contained lean animal protein accompanied by sweet potato and quinoa.
Dinner also included a portion of lean protein, mostly fish fillet, along with some sauteed vegetables.
Between meals he ate a smoothie with fruit and a few tablespoons of protein powder.
Paolo Mascitti also advised him to take BCAA supplements after training, and omega-3s with the last meal of the day.

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