Let’s get to know 6 beautiful mountain villages in Europe


The mountain air, the special architecture, the rock formations and the lakes, the following villages give a fairytale dimension to the trip. And since we are not expected to see them up close soon with Omicron galloping, let’s put them on our agenda for our future travels.


Lecco, Italy

About 50 miles north of Milan, the Lecco could – and probably should – be on your agenda if you ever find yourself in the cosmopolitan Mecca of fashion. At the southern tip of Lake Como, with the Lecchesi Dolomites reflected in the lake’s waters, this medieval town could not have asked for a better location. For the best view, guests go up to the bell tower or take the electric car and go up to the mountain resort of Piani d’Erna.

Ronda, Spain

Thanks to its very special location at the top of the mountain, overlooking a deep gorge, this Spanish village of Ronda is located in Andalusia and once hosted Ernest Hemingway. There is also the 100 meter high Puente Nuevo (or New Bridge) built in 1793, an arena of centuries, while you will admire Moorish architecture and you will see many ancient ruins.

Mittenwald, Germany

In the Bavarian Alps, the colorful Mittenwald has been described by German author and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe as an animated book image. If he was still alive, he would probably still support this view as this village has kept its development at a basic stage and is considered one of the most beautiful villages in the Bavarian Alps, being a picturesque base for skiing, hiking, mountaineering etc. .

Hallstatt, Austria

It is located near Salzburg and its location by the lake often makes it published as the most beautiful lake city in the world. It is located between the Dahstein Mountains and the lake of the same name and is very small in size, which means that you will not get tired of seeing it. It is, in fact, so impressive that even the Chinese have created a copy of this ancient salt-settlement.

Bled, Slovenia

On the shores of the frozen Lake Bled, the town of the same name is built in the shadows of the Julian Alps and is famous for its island with the church in the middle of the lake. It is one of the biggest attractions in Slovenia, with a large number of tourists visiting it in the summer, to see a combination of mountain and lake at its best. Despite the development, most of Bled remains pure, although it would be good to visit it as soon as you can before it loses its character.

Gruyere, Switzerland

The best thing about a trip to this beautiful Swiss village is that if at some point you surpass its medieval beauty, you have the homonymous cheese to keep you interested in gastronomic terms. It is a gateway to the Swiss Alps with its pastures stealing the show in the summer, while in the winter the snow covers everything and the landscape becomes magical.

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