Inside the world’s largest super-yacht: 221 meters at a cost of $ 600 million


A cost of $ 600 million, the 221-meter Somnio will be the largest cruise ship when completed, in 2024. But this mega-yacht does not belong to one of the richest people on earth. It has 39 apartments, which will be sold at prices starting at $ 11 million.

For the first time, photos from inside the boat are coming to light.

The Somnio, named after the Latin word for “dream”, was designed by Winch Design and Tillberg Design and manufactured by the Norwegian VARD.

Each of the 39 floating apartments has a private balcony or terrace and is delivered tailored to the tastes and needs of the buyer. However, some of the options offered by the company that manufactures it are shown in the photos. The apartments have huge shell-shaped beds, large living rooms with ocean views and entire walls covered with mirrors.

The buyers will work with the designers for up to three months to decide everything that will go into their apartment, from the layout of the premises to the materials, furniture, lighting and artwork.

The apartments are from 150 sq.m. up to 600 sq.m., with the largest of it occupying almost the entire highest floor of the boat.

The owners can incorporate in their apartments gyms, libraries, indoor and outdoor dining areas, cloakrooms and more.

Among the areas that all owners will have access to is a cellar with 10,000 bottles of wine, a spa, a cinema and restaurants.

The owners will pay an amount each year to cover expenses such as the maintenance of the boat and its supply with food and fuel.

As a representative of the project told , the interest for Somnio is great and in fact some of the apartments have already been sold.

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