How to get rid of all the extra pounds in 17 days


Seven rules you must follow to get rid of extra pounds in a few days – and forever.

Πώς θα διώξεις από πάνω σου όλα τα περιττά κιλά σε 17 ημέρες - FITNESS TIPS

If you have set a goal for the new season to lose weight, become more fit and eat healthy, you are on the right path of thinking. But like most people, you are afraid that this path is difficult, demanding and even unrealistic in practice. And, of course, you would not bet that this could be achieved within the next 17 days. But these 7 instructions that you will read right away can guarantee that in a few days from today you will see results in your body that you do not even dream of. And the best; By staying true to these rules the extra pounds will remain an old, bad memory of years gone by.

Rule # 1:
To enter the battle with the momentum of the winner

Make your impulsiveness a driving force and dive straight into the deep. Cut out too much drink, eat raw, natural foods and start the gym. Such commitments are almost impossible at any other time of the year, but with the psychological momentum you have taken at the beginning of the new year, you will enter the war against obesity without hesitation.

The goal for the first 17 days: Consistently follow three visits to the gym a week and detoxify your body with the right foods.

Rule # 2:
Skip diets and load your body with more protein and vegetables

In 90% of cases, all diets fail because they are basically deprivation and, mainly, because they create a strong shock to the brain and body.

Here’s an easier way: Focus on protein to build muscle (which takes the place of fat) and burn even more fat with the vitamins, minerals and fiber that vegetables contain.

The goal for the first 17 days: Increase the intake of animal (meat, poultry, fish) and vegetable (quinoa, spinach, legumes, nuts) protein and combine each dish with twice the portion of vegetables.

Rule # 3:
Make your heart beat faster

Without aerobic exercise do not expect to burn fat and dry your muscular system quickly. Before you lift weights, start each program at the gym with half an hour of cardiorespiratory exercise and add another hour of running the next day you will not be going to the gym. This type of cardiovascular training, in addition to burning calories with tone, enhances the health of the heart and lungs, “lubricates” the joints and cleanses your brain from stress.

The goal for the first 17 days: Avoid high-intensity aerobic programs, such as HIIT interval training, and be content with the first few days of adjusting to a slow pace of aerobic training, aiming for 130 to 150 heartbeats per minute.

Rule # 4:
Lay the groundwork for building your muscles

Biceps and dumbbell squats, leg projections, pull-ups and bench presses with a light bar are all exercises that any beginner in the gym can perform with relative ease. They are also the fundamental movements to see fast results in stimulating your muscular system. After that, start peeking at the big bars.

The goal for the first 17 days: Performing the aforementioned exercises, make sure you do not use the same weight on the dumbbells or on the bench every day, but gradually increase the resistance by 20% in each subsequent workout.

Rule # 5:
Consume carbohydrates only on training days

Carbohydrates can make you fat, but this happens when you are not exercising. On the contrary, carbohydrates are your valuable fuel for high energy before training, but also a necessary material for supplying your muscles after it. Also, the carbohydrates that are burned with regular exercise, regulate the hormone leptin, which improves your metabolism.

The goal for the first 17 days: At pre- and post-workout meals, eat two servings the size of your fist of healthy carbohydrates such as whole grains, boiled potatoes, quinoa, rice and fruit.

Rule # 6:
Get at least seven hours of sleep each night

Lack of sleep prevents glucose from being properly metabolized by the body (and the better your body handles glucose the better for fat loss). At the same time, a restless sleep increases cortisol levels (stress) and decreases growth hormone levels (muscle mass).

Rule # 7:
Meditate and the fat will disappear …

Just like lack of sleep, intense daily stress floods your body with stress hormones, slowing down your muscle growth and, of course, limiting your body fat loss. And the only effective practical way to always overcome stress is a ten minute meditation.

The goal for the first 17 days: Ten minutes each day try to isolate yourself by closing your eyes and relaxing your body with deep, slow breaths – it really works.

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