How to build a chest-stone with only 5 bends


Watch your chest become wider and tighter, with a range of alternative push ups that you can perform anywhere and anytime.

Πώς θα χτίσεις στήθος-πέτρα με 5 μόνο κάμψεις - FITNESS TIPS

If your breasts look teenage (ie, thin and flat) or if they look more feminine (ie, thick and flabby), your only option is to transform it into a real man’s chest: tight, wide and strong as a rock. And as soon as possible. Those who have advanced to training have acquired massive breasts with only one method: relentless pressure on the bench. But you, if you have not yet fallen into the “heavy” and you just want to shed some meat (or lose plenty of fat) there is a series of simple bends that can work wonders on your chest in a month. –Extra profit: At the same time you build shoulders, triceps, biceps, back, abs and buttocks, for fun …


  • Repetitions up to the point of exhaustion.
  • Break: 1-2 minutes.
  • Continue to the next until you complete a cycle with the 5 exercises.
  • Frequency: twice a day. Every day.

Dead point bends

Once your body is in the lower position, lift your palms off the floor, supporting your torso with your chest for a while and keep pushing.

Weight bends in the back

Loading a bar plate or a vest with weights, you give more work to the chest so that it can lift you up and down.

Bends with arms together

Place two dumbbells glued to each other, just below the sternum. Support your body by holding a dumbbell with each hand and perform your bends.

Bow bends

You support your arms normally, below the shoulders, but as you descend you extend one arm at a time to the side, feeling your chest open wide.

Plyometric bending

An explosive variation of the classic push up, in which you transform your hands into springs as you ascend.

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