Holidays in four fairytale Greek islands


Greek summer is a fairy tale in itself. Especially when we experience it in the following islands with the special atmosphere.

Paxoi-Antipaxoi with the turquoise waters
The small island of Paxos is definitely a jewel of the Ionian, with its dense vegetation, its picturesque houses with tiles and of course its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters. The highlight is the beach Voutoumi in Antipaxos, where you will go by boat and you will see perhaps the most turquoise color in the sea that you have ever seen. Arriving in Paxos, the first thing you will see is Gaios, the capital of the island, which forms an impressive fjord changing the classic image of the port we have in mind. There you will find restaurants, places to drink, shops and so on. but do not forget to go to Lakka, the second largest village on the island in the north, in the same pattern as the white, traditional houses, lush trees and turquoise waters. The third largest settlement of Paxos is Longos, in the east of the island, built in a small bay. The landscape is completely picturesque, with traditional architecture of the Ionian Islands and many Venetian elements and will surely enchant you.

Amorgos with the fame of Infinite Blue
Luc Besson with the film “Infinite Blue” managed to make it known worldwide since 1988, highlighting its special elements and especially the blue of the sea. Amorgos has the peculiarity of having two ports and a Chora inland that is not wet by the sea, but is really magical with its streets, flowery courtyards and picturesque shops. In one port, Katapola, you will find traditional Cycladic architecture, crystal clear waters and a plain with orchards, but more touristic and with more atmosphere and new people is Aegiali. There, walks on the seafront promenade overlooking the sunset are a “must”, as are the evening cocktails in front of the beach. Hiking enthusiasts will find interesting hiking trails from Lagada or Tholaria, while bathing enthusiasts will surely pass by Agia Anna, the magical beach that hosted the movie.

Anafi with its mythical Sunrise
If you love the tiny islands, purity and tranquility on your vacation, Anafi is a magical destination for you. At the end of the Cyclades, Anafi promises relaxation, tranquility, wildlife, good traditional food and of course crystal clear seas and golden beaches, while you can also find affordable accommodation. It will welcome you in the port of Agios Nikolas, while it will host you in Chora with the wonderful view and the white starring everywhere. The beaches of the island are lined up in a row and are characterized by sand and crystal clear waters with the beach of the great Roukounas being the most popular for the most social out there and those who love camping. The most enchanting scenery of Anafi, however, unfolds in the East from the rock of Kalamos where from a path of 45 minutes you will reach the highest point of the rock, the old Monastery of Kalamiotissa, and from there you will have the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful view that will shock you. Many, in fact, spend the night there in a sleeping bag to wake up in the morning and see the East as they have never seen it before.

Kythira with the different beauty of the Ionian Islands
They may be far from the rest of the Ionian Islands, but Kythira is really a choice that enchants visitors, both with their beaches and their tourist places. Kapsali, the most cosmopolitan part of the island in the south, is waiting for you for food, drink and walks, while the town of Kythera promises to make you love it, with its atmospheric corners with beautiful shops and traditional architecture. From there you can visit the Castle of Kythera or just stroll through its alleys and discover its beautiful shops. Absolutely picturesque place that you must visit for coffee or for swimming is Avlemonas, a quiet picturesque harbor with well-kept shops for food and coffee or dessert. And as for the beaches of the island, from Melidoni to Diakofti and from Kaladi and Halko, to the port where the waters are turquoise, you will definitely find your favorite place for longboats.

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