Ferrari 812 Competizione &… A: Twin temptation


Maranello unveiled a stronger, faster, lighter and better aerodynamic version of the 812 Superfast which is revealed in duplicate accompanied by a targa version marked with the letter A.

The Italian firm has always specialized in special editions, always offering the owners of its products a sense of exclusivity.

In this category belong her latest creations which have as a starting point the 812 Superfast but also many “critical” differences. This is the 812 Competizione and its targa variant called 812 Competizione A, which was apparently named after the initial letter of the word Aperta.

In the first case of the closed version, the production will be limited to 999 copies while in that of the targa to only 599 which as one can easily imagine have already found their owners who will pay amounts starting from 499,000 and 578,000 euros respectively.

Both utilize an upgraded version of the 6.5-liter V12 engine that powers the Superfast, which in this case delivers 830 horsepower, which is 30 more than its predecessor.

To ensure extra power, Ferrari engineers have installed new pistons, connecting rods, intake manifold and crankshaft. At the same time, the mapping of the engine has changed with the cutter intervening higher in the spectacular size of 9,500 rpm. For this reason, moreover, it uses a lower density lubricant. However, the “side effect” from the higher speed limit is the marginally lower torque which is limited to 692 Nm compared to 718 Nm in the Superfast.

The engine is mated to a modified version of the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission that Superfast is also equipped with. To be precise, according to the recommendations, in this case the gearbox which transmits the drive to the rear wheels, reduces the gear change times by 5%.

As a result of the above improvements and the overall reduced weight, Competizione accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 2.85 seconds while its maximum speed is set at 340 km.

In terms of weight, the reduction compared to the Superfast is 38 kg thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber, aluminum wheels, a lighter 12 Volt lithium-ion battery and titanium connecting rods. Optional options include carbon fiber wheels that reduce the weight by another 3.7 kg.

In addition, for more efficient management of the surplus, Competizione gains access to an independent four-wheel drive system which guarantees in addition to more flexibility, higher response as well as enhanced rear axle traction. This system is combined with Ferrari’s latest version 7.0 traction control, Slip Slide Control.

Power upgrades could only be accompanied by similar design modifications that include a new front bumper with larger air intakes and a more distinctive splitter. The hood has acquired a new carbon fiber section which together with the air vents behind the wings contribute to better cooling which has been improved by 10% compared to the Superfast.

The most visible differences, however, stumble on the rear as the windshield has been replaced with a new aluminum surface and characteristic cuts that help reduce weight. Also redesigned is the redesigned aerodynamic diffuser, the larger spoiler as well as a new exhaust system which despite the presence of a particulate filter promises not to alter the familiar imposing sound compared to the Superfast.

In the case of the 812 Competizione A the front follows exactly the same logic. At the rear all the elements obey the needs of the removable roof including the spoiler or rather more precisely the spoilers which in this case are more in order to ensure the uninterrupted air flow in the right paths even without the presence of a roof. In any case, it is made of carbon fiber.

The interior is completely familiar in both cases as most of the elements mimic the Superfast with the exception of some surfaces inside the doors made of lighter materials as well as the familiar from the Roma GT H pattern for the selector which is the same as the newer Ferrari .

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