Ferrari 296 GTS unveiled (video)


As the great scientists of mankind have said in the past, time is relevant. In Maranello, for example, if someone talks for 14 seconds, they will look at him strangely. In 14 seconds most of the company’s cars are approaching 300km / h. While there are those who need even less. But this is not about the brand new Ferrari 296 GTS. Because for the new hard top supercar of the Italian brand, 14 seconds is the time distance between claustrophobia and freedom.

Ferrari 296 GTS

This is how the hard roof of the Ferrari 296 GTS folds and is the main feature of the latest Berliner with the Cavallino Rampante on the hood. It came as a scraper of the Ferrari 296 GTB with unique changes in details, so that it is smooth to adapt to the requirements of an electronically folding hard roof. This means that the cover of the V6 engine has been differentiated from the Ferrari 296 GTB and… them. The rest is the same as the GTB version, without this meaning that they are indifferent of course.

Ferrari 296 GTS

As the Ferrari 296 GTS is equipped with the 2.6lt V6 engine, which with the help of the electric motor reaches the performance of 830PS. This means a whirlwind of acceleration, which is measured at 2.9 seconds and you automatically understand how relevant the time is.

Ferrari 296 GTS

In the case of the Ferrari 296 GTS, the Scuderia also offers, of course, a track-centric version. This is the Asseto Fiorano which is equipped with adjustable suspensions from the GT class, aerodynamic aids from carbon fiber that give 10 extra, kilos of vertical power and other details from carbon fiber. In the Asseto Fiorano version there is also a stylistic differentiation with a double stripe starting from the back of the car and ending in a large and characteristic two-tone on the front grille.

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