BMW Motorrad: Custom Blechmann R 18 motorcycle


At first glance it refers to an environment… Mad Max! Clearly, this is a work of art. And, as they rightly point out at BMW Motorrad, a strong personality needs an equally strong name: like ‘Blechmann’, a name as strong as metal. It is also the nickname of Bernhard Naumann, a famous Austrian customizer, who in collaboration with BMW Motorrad presented his latest creation: the Blechmann R 18.
With the new BMW R 18, BMW Motorrad entered the cruiser motorcycle category in April 2020. Like no other previous motorcycle of the brand, this model embodies the tradition of historic BMW motorcycles – both technically and design-wise. It is based on glorious models such as the BMW R 5 and brings motorcycles back to the forefront with a simple philosophy, with an emphasis on the essentials and necessities. That reason alone was enough for Bernhard Naumann to change as little as possible in context and technology and use the starting points to build the Blechmann R 18.
Whenever a new creation starts, Bernhard Naumann never uses designs in advance. He is inspired while working on the motorcycle itself. “I draw inspiration from the object where the final material is used. This way I can give solutions immediately and constantly pay attention to the proportions “, explains the designer.

With the Belchmann R 18, in the first phase, pay special attention to the proportions of the front fairing. The sports single-seater is based on the standard rear subframe and rider and passenger seat. The rear light is by Kellermann. The fuel tank has been extensively modified. On the one hand, it is narrower which makes the motorcycle more sporty and exposes the engine even more. On the other hand, it has recesses for the knees, which further emphasize the sporty line. The clips are mounted on the same bases as the tubular steering wheel.
Blechmann then modified the headlights. As in the latest BMW ‘Giggerl’ custom bike, a modification of the BMW R nineT, the headlights had to have a distinctive ‘kidney’ shape this time. In connection with the classic boxer engine, Blechmann placed an incandescent bulb in a prominent position in the center. And here, the caster angle and the forward tilt headlight define the basic layout of the custom motorcycle. The highlight of Bernhard Neumann’s personalization effort was the discreet black paint and classic thin, white stripes of the BMW Motorrad. In total, Blechmann’s team worked 450 hours on the BMW R 18 version.
Blechmann does not think he works like a classic customizer. “I start by removing parts of the original version, until there is a white canvas left. As construction progresses, so does design. “It’s a style with my own stamp that I call ‘rapid-prototyping-Blechmann-style,'” said the customizer. And she is the one who makes his work unique.
For the most part, Blechmann works alone on his handmade creations and designs. If necessary, it is supported by selected professionals. “You can not do everything in this world alone. “I feel very happy to have a reliable team.”

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