Covid-19, we can beat the virus.

Dear friends, humanity is confronted to a deathly virus, COVID-19. Many countries have been exposed to a large number of cases and deaths due to the Covid-19, and many countries have taken stringent measures to protect citizens and public health. However, in order to be effective, these measures must be respected by all. There should be no panic. It must be reasonable. The virus can be defeated and it will be defeated as long as we do all we have to do. Personal hygiene, restricting mobility, avoiding clutter are just some of the simple measures. If someone has even got sick from the flu, it is advisable to confine themselves to talking to their doctor first by phone. Particularly vulnerable groups of cats should be even more careful. Listen very carefully to the instructions given by the competent authorities of your country who are the only ones who know the real situation in your country. No one wants to restrict us for no reason. Doctors in all countries are doing everything possible to protect us and cure any outbreaks. They are the heroes of our days and we owe them a big thank you.
We can beat the virus and we will. the sooner we apply the measures imposed on our countries, the sooner we will return to our regularity.