Derek Hough Has Emergency Surgery to Remove Appendix

Derek Hough had quite a day.

The 34-year-old World of Dance judge took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal that he had emergency surgery to remove his appendix.

“Woke up at 3am with a severe and a sharp pain in my abdomen. Knew something wasn’t right,” he wrote alongside a video of himself in his hospital gown. “Turned out it was appendicitis and had surgery to remove my appendix straight away. This is me immediately after, still a little(a lot) medicated, giving @hayley.erbert a (sexy) little dance.”

“Me: Is this doing it for you babe? Hayley: So hot,” Hough continued. “Thank you for lying to me babe ;)”

The dancer also reposted his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert’s, IG story of him laying in a hospital bed, with a slew of cat GIFs.

“Wherever we go, there’s a partayyy,” Erbert wrote on her pic. 

Derek Hough hospital
Instagram Story

Hough also showed off his “sexy shin things.”

Derek Hough hospital
Instagram Story

In a couple weeks, Hough, as well as his sister Julianne, will be treating fans to a holiday special called Holidays With the Houghs. ET caught up with the former Dancing With the Stars pro last month, where he teased what fans can expect from the NBC special.

“It’s definitely that classic variety show, but obviously with family, which is great,” he teased. “We’re gonna have some amazing, amazing dances in there. Some really magical moments that we’ve been planning for a while.”

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