These are some of the richest bachelors


The definition of bachelor creates high expectations, especially if it is accompanied by the term sought after, which means that the free or the free combines the right age and appearance. However, there are some representatives of the genre who add a “dowry” of many zeros to the above package: […]

22 majestic residences of Heads of State


Enjoy some of the most spectacular residences of heads of state from around the world, from Argentina to Cambodia and from Russia to the US. Presidential Palace, Poland Built in 1643, this palace in Warsaw was the seat of the Russian King’s Regiment and later of the Council of Ministers, […]

The new luxury Porsche yacht. (pics)


No doubt the Royal Falcon One is well ahead of its time. it’s no news that Porsche likes to design more luxurious items than supercars. In addition to accessories and clothes, it is also active in an even more impressive area: The boats are capable of causing admiration even to […]

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