6 celebrities who used to be strippers


There are many celebrities who before making a career in the field of soubise and becoming big names, did various jobs to make a living. However, some, such as the famous actor Channing Tatum and the pop singer, Lady Gaga, made money by doing striptease.

Of course, the two above are not the only ones, as there are several well-known soubise people who have revealed that they worked as strippers, either for a weekend, or for a few months or even years.


Ο Channing Tatum σχεδόν γυμνός στο Broadway - JoyTV

“Magic Mike” is the movie that introduced Channing Tatum and is based on the period when the actor worked as a stripper in Florida. He has no problem talking about it, but has said he has not missed anything since.

Cardi B

The famous singer Cardi B, has spoken several times about the period when she worked as a stripper, a job she did for three and a half years. In fact, during an interview with “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in April 2018, she explained that this job helped her pay her bills, be able to have an apartment and be able to invest in her goal of becoming an artist.

Courtney Love

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Before becoming a singer, actress and before marrying Curt Cobain, Courtney Love worked as an exotic dancer. In an interview with LA Weekly, she said she was earning about $ 300 a day and with the money she raised from this job she was able to start her own band, Hole.

Javier Bardem

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According to Bardem, the striptease initially started as a joke, but then became a regular job and even had his family members in the audience for support. “It was a disaster,” he said, as his mother and sister were in public and had no problem with what he was doing, as he was making a lot of money.

Chris Pratt

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Before he became famous, Chris Pratt did a lot of weird work. For a long time he lived in a van in Hawaii and in addition to being a babysitter, a waiter and a “lawn mower”, he also worked as a stripper. He said in an interview that he had always liked being naked and thought he could be paid for it.

Lady Gaga

When she was younger, Lady Gaga went to the Tisch School of Arts in New York, but gave up and moved out of her parents’ house. To make a living, she worked as a waitress during the day and as a stripper at night. She herself had stated in an interview that she worked as a stripper in the Lower East Side of New York, because she made more money that way than by serving.

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