5 Parts of the body that are difficult to exercise!


You may see your upper abs or legs tighten in a short period of time with exercise but there are some other areas that will train you more. It is true that some parts of the body are difficult to train and need a lot more persistence and patience. But what are these points?

If you want a fit body as a whole then you need to insist more on certain parts that won’t do you the favor easily. So discover 5 parts of the body that are difficult to exercise!

1) Lower abs

Getting a well-shaped six pack is definitely very difficult. And what makes the situation more difficult is the lower abs! This is because fat usually accumulates at this point. So if you want to train your lower abs you should stick to some specific exercises. For example, crunches, mountain climbers, and leg raises are just a few exercises that will help tone your lower abs.

2) Triceps

Triceps are for most people one of the hardest parts to work out. However, hanging this part definitely makes your arms look loose. So you need to stick to exercises like triceps dips, french presses, diamond curls, triceps extensions with a pulley behind the head and others. As you can see, there is a variety of exercises for the triceps so that you don’t get bored of the same ones.

3) Shoulders

Shoulders are another tough spot even for fitness fanatics. After all, this is a small muscle group that quickly tires in most people. Some exercises you can include in your exercise routine are shoulder presses with a barbell or dumbbells, standing rowing, and lateral shoulder extensions.

4) Lateral Abs

The lateral abs are a point that many neglect. But in order to get a six pack, you have to give a base to the lateral abdominals as well. Try doing more side planks, crunches or russian twists and you will see that with method and patience your abs will appear!

5) Calves

The calves are a part of the body that is usually in a good level of training since we walk every day. However, taking your calves a level further is difficult. So you have to stick to exercises like standing or sitting lifts with a barbell or dumbbells or even the rope.

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