4 fairytale places of the planet that you will not believe exist


Bring to mind your most colorful dream, the place you think of to relax when you close your eyes, meadows with butterflies and colorful images. All these together are certainly not far from the following parts of the planet, which if one does not see them up close, one can not capture their beauty.

Jiufen, Taiwan

If we could move with our eyes closed to a place that seems to be our imagination, it would definitely be something very close to J iufen in Taiwan, on Jishan Road. It is a mountain village outside of Taipei, where foodies discover the best street food in Taiwan, in a place like a dream, full of smells and colors. From egg to tea, to fried snails and the famous pistachio ice cream wrap, everything is there with its scents and colors, which visitors discover on the steep streets and steps, in one of the most Παλ Instagram Old Towns. Featuring there is the beautiful A-Mei Tea House, a building covered with vineyards, which serves tea and snacks on a lovely terrace with wonderful views of the nearby coast.

Alsace, France

The place inspired the classic Disney animated film “The Beauty and the Beast”, so one can easily understand how much it looks like a magical setting that you will definitely not find in Disneyland. Colmar is the capital of central Alsace and is an impressive mix of French culture and Bavarian architecture. It is known for its museums, but also for its many architectural monuments and there are many who claim that it is the most beautiful city in Europe. And even though it has a history of over 1000 years, the city remains well preserved, with the colorful, wooden houses looking like they come from the pages of a children’s fairy tale. At Christmas, in fact, the place becomes even more fairytale.

Ninfa Garden and the Monster Park, Italy

After your next trip to Rome, head south and put the stunning Ninfa Garden on your agenda. It is open to the public on certain days between March and November and is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, according to the New York Times. On a tour there you will see ancient ruins covered with colorful flowers and in every corner you will have the feeling that you will meet nymphs or mythical spirits dancing.

And because there is a monster in every fairy tale, the Monster Park in the Bomarzo Garden, a few hours north of Rome this time, is also a surreal place, of a different logic. This park was a wish of Prince Pier Franscesco Orsini back in 1552 and is an expression of his grief after the death of his first wife. It is a surreal garden with large sculptures of giants and strange creatures, such as the monster that cries and its open mouth is essentially the entrance to a … nice kiosk for a picnic.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

This lake in Slovenia is one of the places where reality is exactly – or even better – than the photos, as it is a lake taken as if from a painting. Slovenia, after all, is known to host many hidden “diamonds” on European soil and this lake is no exception, although the secret of its beauty has already been revealed: on the island, among the trees, emerges a fairytale church. , which is surrounded by blue waters and if it snows in winter, everything looks magical. The place is located about 40 minutes from Ljubljana, which means you can also visit the country’s capital.

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