3 exercises for the body until the summer


These alone are enough for fast and extremely impressive results.

The weather is becoming more and more open, the restrictive measures against the pandemic are easing and very soon you will start to have a very specific question: How to build a body by summer. If you feel that your body does not have the necessary confidence when you put on a new swimsuit, we will show you how to gain full confidence by walking half naked everywhere – on beaches, swimming pools, locker rooms, bedrooms or catwalks.

With a bar (you will have it registered somewhere from the past), a scales (door or playground) and a kettlebell (finally bought something useful), you can crush the fat and wake up your dormant muscles in a few weeks from now.

Three exercises can all make your body more masculine: bald shoulders, wider chest, more visible “wings”, flat stomach, strung buttocks and strong legs.
Do it and you will see.

Upright presses with bar

When everyone else is struggling with the bench, you pick up a barbell and push yourself up. With this movement, shoulders, trapezoids, biceps, triceps and chest become stronger. You also build quietly and six packs (in upright barbell pressures, the abs act as the main supporting muscle group).

To see much faster results in the upper part of your body, work the upright pressures with the method of the Pyramid: it consists of 4 sets starting with 12 repetitions at 60% of the maximum force. Then, 12 repetitions with 60% of maximum force., 10 repetitions with 70%, 8 repetitions with 80% and 6 repetitions with 90% of maximum force.


The benefit: inflated and well-shaped biceps, wide shoulders, bulkier arms, turbo shoulders and chest, plus open “wings” and abdominal slices (which in this exercise also functions as a stabilizing muscle group).

Grabbing a monogyn with your palms and pulling your whole body up until your chin exceeds the height of the bar, there is a possibility that you spit them in the first 5 repetitions. But if you rest a little and are even more stubborn, you will find that you can comfortably complete 3 sets of 5 repetitions

By insisting on this exercise, we guarantee that in just two weeks, the 3 sets of 15 repetitions will be transformed into an easy and efficient routine. Then, you wear a vest with weights for even greater development of the muscular system of your upper torso.

Half seats with kettlebell

The beauty of using kettlebells in a strength, volume or sculpting workout is that you target both the upper body and -mainly- the lower body at the same time, without leaving the abs dormant. The final profit? A constructive workout for the whole body, without burdening your spine with the weight of a barbell.

start with 8 sets of 5 repetitions. Gradually, and as you feel your legs stronger, handle the exercise with as much intensity and frequency as you can endure.

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