20 Greek destinations that must find you this summer


Whether you are young at heart, or old or even single and want to gather with your friends to spend an unforgettable vacation, without families and couples around you, then get tickets to one of the following destinations.

There are destinations that have been occupied by couples and others where families and buckets on the beach do not leave much space for you and your company. And because we know that a group of young people -but also older- in their vacations are looking for, in addition to entertainment, the environment that will suit them, travelstyle.gr suggests 20 unique destinations for your vacations this year!

One of the “anti” islands that differs from the rest of its kind, Antiparos, southwest of Paros, has lost in the last decade the title “the island of the Rokades” which had previously been transformed into an island that hosts groups of twenty and thirties with an appetite for fun until the morning.

The beach of the campsite, but also most of the beaches of the island are full of people and while they may not impress you at first sight, they guarantee you an enjoyable swim. The night in Antiparos never ends and that is what the famous “disco” La Luna, the “after” of the island, takes care of. Do not forget to say “hello” to Tom Hanks who is used to wandering in its alleys.

Αντίπαρος Κυκλάδες

The largest island of the Cyclades has space for everyone and proves it with a walk to Agios Prokopis, its most popular beach, at 2 km of which is crowded with large groups of young people starring – although we would recommend the Little Vigla on the west coast of the island, weather permitting.

In the evening the people are transported to Chora, but also along the most famous beaches of the island, where you will find a bar with loud music and sea views. The most “alternatives” move to the beautiful Old Town and its alleys for their drink.

Πορταριά Νάξου

Closer, but without being deprived of beauty and people, Serifos has a climate that can combine large groups, as well as couples and families, so that everyone can coexist harmoniously on the island. At its campsite you will find very young people, who go for a swim in Psili Ammos and Livadi and who meet at night to experience the nightlife of the island.

Σέριφος χώρα

The island chosen by those who have just grown up and go on their first vacation alone, but also the thirties who want to live a carefree vacation with full fun is Paros, which is why every year it “sinks” from the youth and the casual atmosphere. Especially Naoussa is full of life starting from July, where all the nightlife of the island is gathered, and the bath is accompanied by drinks, loud music and dancing in the various beach bars of the island, from the famous Punda Beach to Santa Maria.

Πάρος Κυκλάδες

Perhaps the most famous island of Greece in the world, Mykonos may empty your pocket a little more, but if the cosmopolitan holidays, parties and a lot of people suit your style, it is waiting for you 3-5 hours away from the port of Piraeus. Experience Cavo Paradiso with parties until the morning and the view of the endless sea and continue the party in your swim at Super Paradise. The only sure thing is that you and your company will return… exhausted.


Ano Koufonisi
In a size that allows to become a huge group throughout the island, Pano Koufonisi is full of rackets, laughter, groups of all ages, who spend their day on one of its beautiful beaches, with a preference for the Italian. In the evening, after rinsing the salts and flavoring, everyone meets at “Soroko” and the Nikitas Bar, but also the other bars on the island. If you want your peace, a tent and a sleeping bag are all you need to find it in Kato Koufonisi.

Κουφονήσια Μικρές Κυκλάδες

The sunset in Oia may attract hundreds of couples every summer, but the beautiful landscape of Santorini is not denied and the rest, who defy the long 9 hour boat trip and choose it for their summer vacation. The campsite in Fira is suitable for groups that want to save something from their stay, so that they have more to spend on nightlife in Santorini, which, let’s not forget, is frantic.


It is preferred by the youth of northern Greece, which of course does not mean that visitors from the rest of the country do not arrive. Skiathos is also going through its “golden” era in recent years, as it has become a pole of attraction for all… party animals, celebrities at home and abroad and offers its own special proposals for bathrooms with party mood, but also calmer options. The evening entertainment is intense, with all kinds of bars and clubs lined up and packed.

Skiathos Town (the capital) - VacanzeGreche

One of the most rising islands of recent years, Skyros with its low prices, but also the numerous proposals for swimming and entertainment, sees every year more and more new people arrive at its port. The most naturalists move to Agios Petros for free camping, where everyone becomes a family and the rest stay in Chora and the surrounding area (Molos, Magazia, Gyrismata, Aspous), to pour in the morning on the beaches (Pefkos, Agios Fokas, Shops, Molos etc.). At night they fly “from bar to bar, meeting people and having fun.

Skyros 2021: Best of Skyros Tourism - Tripadvisor

Forget the Elafonisos you knew, with the romantic holidays, the quiet and the few people that characterized it in 2000, when you were looking for a place to have a drink at night and you could not find it. Now, the “Bahamas of Greece” has been transformed into a highly tourist island with huge growth, with the shops in the port every year being even more and the bars opening one after the other. And all this to serve the people who arrive at the famous campsite – and not only – of the island to enjoy the amazing beach of Simos, in groups of… at least 10.


Nafpaktos The sheltered port
So many choices are hard to come by in one place, and so close to the small town. The seaside castle city on the border of Eastern and Western Greece, 224 km from Athens, is the strongest paper in the prefecture of Etoloakarnania! Start your tour of the city on foot and succumb to its attractions. Taste delicious meals in the scattered taverns against the backdrop of the Venetian port, embrace the intense rhythms of the nightlife in the Stenopazaro or take your walks on the cobbled streets.

Ναύπακτος κάστρο

Enjoy the view of the Corinthian gulf from the impregnable Venetian castle and admire its “jewel”, the Rio-Antirio bridge, but also some other top attractions that you must see as soon as you go! During the day, spread your mat on the nearby beaches of Psani and Gribovo and, if you feel the urge for more action, indulge in rafting on the river Evinos, mountaineering or hiking on the dirt routes of the virgin ecosystem of Orini Nafpaktia. One thing is for sure; you will not relax for a moment here.

Astypalea: The “unknown” of the Aegean
Those who once spent 16 whole hours at sea until they “moored” in the port of Agios Andreas in Astypalea, the most remote from the Dodecanese, today rub their hands! Apart from the fact that the boat trip has been reduced to 9 hours, the small Astropalia -as the locals call it- now has an airport! To these new facilities to connect with Athens, add the construction of 4 * and 5 * hotels but also the Cycladic architecture, which makes it stand out from the other islands of the complex.


With all the praise of the fast-rising destination, Chora seeks your attention. Climb the whitewashed alleys, cross the well-kept courtyards, photograph the stone mills and gaze at the deep blue of the Aegean from the Venetian castle, at the top of the hill. Take a look at the -most of them- inaccessible beaches and, when it gets dark, “listen” to your appetite In Astypalea the menu has kakavia, octopus meatballs and dolmadas with vine leaves. Feast on all levels. Note that Astypalea is the first Greek island to ban smoking… everywhere!

Symi: Like a painting
An island-surprise… Due to its impressive image, with the colorful neoclassical buildings representing all the buildings, Symi captivates you at first sight. The fact that it is not considered a tourist is its biggest asset, satisfying the ardent desire of hundreds of visitors for a quiet and quality vacation. The laity choose it without a second thought, and in fact they have “shaped” the restaurant menu with their preferences.


The gourmet restaurants of Gialos (the port) earn points continuously, with most serving dishes of high quality and… aesthetics! As for the coasts, Symi does not have a good road network to reach them, however it manages to “fix” by organizing cruises on inaccessible beaches…

Vourvourou, Sithonia, Halkidiki: Pine forest and lacy shores
The people of Thessaloniki who choose Halkidiki for their holidays know something. So is the Germans, who have long since arrived here in large, organized groups, raising the question of how it is possible that they have not discovered the Cycladic islands! In the process, however, it turned out that they knew what they were doing; they had done their research. A little late, we follow their example and we do not “fly” to Sithonia only for the weekend, but we dedicate an increasing part of our leave to it.

Νησιά Χαλκιδική

As believers of the virgin second peninsula, we insist on Vourvourou! In the northeastern part of the peninsula, lush forests seem to dive into the sea, lacy shores and picturesque coves pop up at every turn, serenity prevails in the calm fishing villages and the feeling of isolation is achieved in the silver deserts. Boating in the complex of ten islands that surround it is a must for a four-on-four with the clearest waters of the Mediterranean; the blue-green coasts of Halkidiki!

Paxoi: Cosmopolitan Beauty
Dense vegetation and crystal clear turquoise waters that you will not find similar in Greece conspire to promote Paxos as the new proposal for your summer vacation. Although they belong to the smallest representatives of the Ionian Islands, they do not fall short of cosmopolitan glamor. Those who admire them know that in the marina of Gaios they will hardly find space to “park” their boat.

Σπηλιές Παξών

First and foremost, the ubiquitous Italians have been choosing their nearest destination for years, dominating the open. If you can coexist with them -sometimes their loud voices seem unbearable! -, get ready to live the. Dream. Pebble coves, with the green of the olive groves touching the sea, tiny cafes and neat restaurants, well-kept accommodation and walks in deserted alleys compose the ideal puzzle of August – and not only – excursions.

Kythira: Fixed value
Suddenly, the word “Kythira” is pronounced on everyone’s lips! The truth, however, is that you do not fall in love with them at first sight. You have to walk in their picturesque paths, learn the “tricks” and the myths that surround them, before you are finally left in their delusion. The people of Chania visit them with their boats, while the rest arrive by boat, plane or just cover the longest distance by road.

Κύθηρα παραλία

Everyone, however, enjoys their graces; fun in Chora and Kapsali, nights out with music, alcohol and a pavement on the cobblestones, walks in the waterfalls of Mylopotamos, food in traditional taverns with chirping -local- recipes from the beach, sunset in Antikythera… Once is not enough to delve into their secrets…

Western Peloponnese: Reborn from the ashes
Forget the hard to find ferry and airline tickets of August, load the car and start for a road trip in the western Peloponnese. After the catastrophic fires, the scene “recovers”. So make your way and, about 25 km south of Ancient Olympia, discover paradise! Endless golden beaches, organized or not, ideal for parties or for free camping after shade. Zacharo, Skafidia, Kourouta…

Δυτική Πελοπόννησος

What to choose first? Can you penetrate the dense pine forest of Strofilia and indulge in water skiing on Lake Caiaphas with the celebrities? If your bones ache from overexertion, get ready for spa treatment at the special center in the area. Move according to the map and let the natural beauty of the prefecture of Ilia impress you. The Western Peloponnese has deservedly won the place it deserves in the pantheon of summer!

Anafi: Virgin place
He stubbornly refuses to submit to the parliaments of tourism progress. And yet, it is one of the top up-and-coming destinations in our country. The reason is very simple. Anafi maintains its simplicity – in contrast to the neighboring cosmopolitan Santorini -, gaining the sympathy of those who are looking for something different and at the same time authentic.

Ανάφη | Διακοπές στη Κυκλάδες | Discover Greece

The port of Ai-Nikolas shows the road to Chora, where the whitewashed houses of typical Cycladic architecture and the sunny, raised terraces that seem to be a continuation of the horizon are the protagonists. Cafe-bars and taverns “embrace” the lazy summer tempo, transmitting corresponding vibes. The whole world becomes a group and at noon it pours out on the beaches: Katsouni, Roukouna and Mega Potamos. Exotic feeling and as much “development” is required, in order to provide the necessary services to the bathers.

Ithaca: Mooring for sailors
New accommodation options place Ithaca in the sophisticated destinations of the Ionian. Between Lefkada and Kefalonia, it is a favorite anchorage of sailors, as if one wants to discover it one can only do it by boat. Prospective divers enjoy unique images of the underwater ecosystem, while hikers choose a route starting from the manorial capital Vathi; quiet, mountain villages, picturesque fishing villages and deserted beaches unfold in their path…


Do not look for the endless beaches of the neighboring islands. White pebbles and rocky shores appear on almost all the “private” beaches you meet, as soon as the inland trees are finished…

Karpathos: Insists traditionally
Time to learn the secrets of the most remote member of the Dodecanese. The Italians have been visiting Karpathos for years, as have the 30-somethings, proving that this age is attracted by the unhindered Aegean agnanti. Nowadays it is also chosen by 20 and something, but mainly by the fans of water sports, who find their master in the waves of Agriliopotamos – sandy beach in the southern part.


Fans of the festivals live authentic festivities on the 15th of August in the isolated Olympus – the untouched, pale white village of the north – you will go crazy with the picturesque taverns in Finiki – 16 km southwest of the capital – while the romantics fall in love with the balcony “in the Aegean… Unacknowledged beauty, which without a doubt has taken over! It just had to be the beginning…

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