15 minutes of intense workout for easy fat loss!


For those of us who want to lose fat, there are two key factors to look out for. Our caloric deficit and exercise. There are many intense fitness programs that promise to give us a good result. But our goal must be specific. If we want to have belly fat loss we must also pay attention to our diet.

In order to achieve this goal we must raise our pulses. To activate our metabolism in a natural way and to improve our physical condition. We will perform each exercise 3 times and therefore we will have a total of 15 minutes of intense exercise! So set an intense 15 minute workout for fat loss!

1) Jumping Jacks

jumping-jacks για απώλεια λίπους

Classic exercise that is always contained in every hiit program (high intensity interval training). Her goal is to slowly put us in the mood and get ready to give it our all. The technique is very simple, we stand upright and raise and lower our arms in a circular orbit while opening and closing our legs at shoulder height.

The more intense the better. As we said our goal is to raise the pulse and not to loaf. When we want to make it difficult we can open our legs more and our arms respectively. 1 minute is enough for this exercise. Let’s start with two 30 τ sets and increase if we want.

2) Plank to push-ups

σανίδα για απώλεια λίπους

You could not miss this exercise program for fat loss. Plank to push-ups are essentially done in a plank position and what we have to do with our torso tight is to lift one elbow first and then the other to get in a bending position. The final move is to fall back into the board position.

It is one of the exercises that will exercise our torso and tighten our abs. In a caloric deficit we need exercises that will tighten our body and strengthen it. And she rightly belongs to this category. Try as many repetitions as you can in two 30 ”sets. If you are tired, take a short break of a maximum of 20 seconds. Let’s burn!

3) Jump seats

κάθισμα στην ύπαιθρο

The number one exercise that will stretch our quadriceps and buttocks. In this program we aim to exercise our body and burn as many calories as we can. So jump seats are one of the best choices. So while performing the seat, while we have bent our knees, we jump into the air trying to lift them to the abdomen. If we have difficulty we can make another variation: squat with jumping jacks.

Instead of performing the jump, we can do 2 repetitions of the first exercise we mentioned. Exercises that will help us exercise our legs. In the technique what we have to pay attention to is to keep our chest high and our pelvis to fall “down” as if we were sitting. Both are ideal for fat loss and to activate our metabolism! Let us perform maximum repetitions in time again 30 ″ and a total of 2 rounds.

4) Bends

κάμψεις με ανοιχτά χέρια

The fourth exercise with which we will continue our list is the bends. With the bends we will exercise and we will dry the fat from our breast, always combined with a diet. Well known to all of us, we just have to be careful not to throw our waist down. In addition, if we want to focus on the upper part of the chest, we place our hands at shoulder height or a little more open.

If we want to give base to our triceps and activate so our hands can close our palms a little inward. The choice is ours. When we get tired we can run them on our knees. We have two rounds of 30 ″ for maximum repetitions. Say goodbye to the carpet and get started!

5) Bicycle crunches


We will close our program with a well-known exercise that we have all tried at some point. Bicycle crunches are ideal for training our torso and increasing our heart rate. Their technique is also very simple. What we need to pay attention to is that our knees should be in a straight line with our waist. In addition, the movement must be simultaneous and lift the shoulder from the ground. So while we lift our torso and turn to the right we stretch the opposite leg.

This is the only way we will achieve our favorite goal: to exercise our abs. In addition, this exercise will definitely increase our heart rate, as a result of which we will burn extra calories. Two rounds of 30 ″ are enough.

Other exercises for fat loss

ιδρωμένος άνδρας

As we said at the beginning, to complete the 15 minutes of intense exercise we must perform a total of 3 sets. We can change the order of the exercises but we definitely need to warm up a bit before. Another exercise that will help us lose weight is the rope. It exercises our whole body, torso, arms, calves and legs while at the same time sending our pulses to the heights.

Another choice but difficult are the burpees. The combination of sitting, jumping and bending will offer us tremendous benefits to our whole body. It will activate our metabolism, while at the same time we will train our quadriceps and chest. In any case, in order to have the desired fat loss, we must be careful what enters the kitchen. A few fewer calories and 3-4 times a week exercise is the key to success!

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