10 upgraded exercises for fast sculpting and strengthening


If you have been training hard to date, from today train as hard, but much wiser.

The male body has a tendency to hump and ease. Because he is very tired in the office, in the shop or in the field, he chooses to spend his free time on the sofa or armchair of a cafe. And it is a common feature for all male bodies of modern times. Even a well-trained muscular system learns at ease, gets used to the exercise routine and stays still. And that is where the great danger lurks: pain, injury, abstinence from all physical activity for weeks or even months (let alone a dysfunctional body, unusual in exercises and fitness routines).

Dude, you have a couple of months left until you get naked in public view (we’re talking about the beach). Take advantage of this time to quickly upgrade your physique, whether you are a beginner athlete or advanced. Either type of sofa or type of bench (gym). In both cases you will have results that you have never had before.

Just learn how to replace some powerful exercises with others that are just as powerful. But, above all, much smarter.

10. Instead of a half-seat with a bar: Bulgarian half-seat

The advantage of barbell semi-sitting is the impressive muscle building in the quadriceps and buttocks. Its disadvantage? Worsening or creating pain in the waist or hips, as a wrong forward tilt dramatically transfers all the enormous weight to these two points.

With the Bulgarian squat you use only one leg of exercise in each seat of the torso and thus reduce both the pressure on the spine and the hips. However, the benefits to all leg muscles remain unchanged.

9. Instead of burpees: Swing with kettlebell

Burpees, though wise, are killer (few last 50 to 3 minutes). What if we told you that you can achieve the same results with less effort?

Unlike burpees, kettlebell swings really serve a functional purpose: doubling the length of the hips, knees and ankles, kicking the buttocks, burning the abdomen and being less agitated.

8. Instead of rowing on the machine: Lying down on a bar

We will not cancel the rowing exercise – it is essential and completely safe for building the back. But what if you don’t have a machine?

Upside down (lying down) pulls in a “single balance” is a proven alternative exercise instead of rowing and definitely more functional, as it incorporates more muscle groups (shoulders, arms, chest, back, hips, abs, legs), while not straining the elbow joint. It also has ease of use: you can run it even under a table.

7. Instead of barbell bench presses: Alternating dumbbell pressures

Undoubtedly, the bar can create a superhero chest. But for many there are risks of injury (from dropping the heavy bar on your face, to pulling on your joints and shoulders).

With two dumbbells in each hand, which you extend high alternately, each set lasts longer but becomes easier. In the meantime, your chest muscles will not lose any of the stimuli that the bar gives you.

6. Instead of biceps bends with dumbbells: Biceps bends on the pulley

With a dumbbell in hand, the weight moves in a certain arc, so at the beginning and end of the movement your muscles become lazy: the dynamic part of the exercise takes place only close to the middle of the range of motion.

With the pulley cable you achieve the ultimate: full muscle tension from the beginning, middle and end of the movement. Result; Swollen biceps.

5. Instead of death lifts: Romanian death lifts with one foot and hand, alternately

Exercise for gods. Motion to increase total power. But also extremely scary for the spine. Choose the best exercise for demigods.

Romanian death lifts are more divided: one leg and one arm (with a dumbbell) at a time. This serves many purposes. You will not suffer any kind of terror when lifting the bar. You will also be able to do more reps and sets. In addition, the movement of the torso along the axis of the waist helps to increase the coordination of the limbs and the body. Finally, you will better lubricate your joints everywhere – with the classic death lift you will probably get rid of them.

4. Instead of half-sitting and barbell ejection: Draw with a dumbbell in one hand at a time

One of the variations of the lightweight barbell is the addition of a vertical jump from the lower position of the exercise. What is required is an explosiveness of the lower body, however you may receive a damage to the joints or the spine at the time of landing.

The exercise we suggest is “stolen” from CrossFit. Mimicking the snatch but with one dumbbell and one hand at a time, the odds are the same as with a barbell.

3. Instead of a sideboard: The farmer walks with one hand

The boards, although easy on the eye, are nevertheless difficult to practice. Especially the slopes. And to tell the truth, the boards are also very … patient.

Do not wait in vain. Carry. Holding a large weight (kettlebell) on one side, your abs will work exactly the same and – at the same time – you will create strength in the forearm muscle.

2. Instead of leg press: Half-seat with a dumbbell in hand

Strong exercise, undisputed. But you do not always have the opportunity for a foot press. On the other hand, there are many advanced weightlifters who complain of “stings” in the back and waist while performing leg presses on the leg press machine.

With simple half-seats and a heavy dumbbell that you hold in both hands in front of your chest, you achieve the same strength in the quadriceps with guaranteed the integrity of your spine, since the range of motion of the body is 100% controlled by you alone.

1. Instead of spine bench presses: Hip lifts with the help of a Swiss ball

Here’s a fitness legend who must die for good. If your back hurts, it is not the old age that is to blame, but this machine for stretching. Do not do experiments that have been shown to be dangerous.

Play safe. With the help of a ball and the confidence that your back is ideally supported by the floor, lifting the pelvis with pillars on your shoulders ensures not only strengthening of the waist and spine, but also healing it from existing discomfort.

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