10 Largest Aquariums In The World


The humankind has always been fascinated by the magnificent and beautiful aquatic creatures. Since most of the world is covered with water, there are more species of aquatic animals that we can imagine. We love these animals for their beauty and to learn about them. The only way they can be viewed outside the ocean is through aquariums. These aquariums are absolutely enormous so as to fit it the largest and magnificent animals in the world. Following are the largest aquariums in the world

10.Aquarium Of Western Australia (AQWA)

Located in Perth, AQWA opened in 1988 as Underwater World which was later bought by a private firm and renamed as the Aquarium Of Western Australia. The aquarium is the 10th largest in the world with a capacity of about 3 million liters. It displays 40 different attractions showcasing 400 different species of fish. Divers and snorkelers can pay to swim among the shark and corals.

9. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

It is a public aquarium located in Shanghai, China. Opened in 2002, this aquarium has a 168-meter tunnel that gives the visitors a detailed view of the habitat of the marine creatures. With a capacity of about 4.9 million liters in total with the largest tank holding about 2.2 million liters of water, it houses more than 450 species of marine wildlife located in different zones namely China zone, Australia zone, Arctic zone etc.

8. Aquarium Barcelona

Located in Barcelona, Spain, this aquarium has a combined volume of about 5 million liters with the largest tank capacity of 3.7 million liters. The aquarium houses around 11,000 marine animals with 450 different species. It consists of an 80-meter underwater tunnel giving the visitors an elaborate and beautiful view of the aquarium. It also offers cage diving with sharks where a cage full of people is dropped inside a shark enclosure.

7. Turkuazoo

Also known as Sealife, It is a public aquarium located in Istanbul, Turkey. Opened in 2002, it was the first aquarium in Turkey; now, it is one of the largest aquariums in the world. It has a total capacity of about 6.8 million liters with the capacity of the largest tank being about 4.9 million liters. It houses more than 10,000 different marine animals. It has 40 different exhibits and an 80 m long underwater tunnel.

6. Monterey Bay Aquarium

Located at Monterrey Bay California, this is a public aquarium which mainly focuses on the marine habitat in the Monterrey Bay region in California. It consists of two large tanks and several smaller tanks with more than 550 different species. The total volume of the aquariums is around 8.7 million liters with the largest tank having the capacity of 1.2million liters and is the 9th largest aquarium tank by size in the world.

5. Dubai Mall Aquarium

Located inside the Dubai Mall, it is accredited as the world’s largest indoor aquarium. It has a total capacity of 10 million liters of water and houses over 33,000 different animals with 200 different species of aquatic animals. This is one of the world’s most visited aquarium and is world renowned for the shark and stingray tank.

4. uShaka Marine World

It is a marine park located in Durban, South Africa. The Marine world is located around 5 shipwrecks with the entrance being a Phantom Ship. The combined volume of the aquarium is around 17.5 million liters. The aquarium has 32 tanks with many different attractions and a number of restaurants that provide a direct view of the restaurant. The main attractions are the sharks and dolphins.

3. Moscow Oceanarium

Also known as Moskvarium, it is a public aquarium located in the center of Moscow. It is the largest aquarium in Moscow with a total tank volume of about 25 million liters. It is not well covered and known due to various international sanctions against Russia imposed by different nations causing very little international tourists.

2. Georgia Aquarium

It is the only aquarium outside of Asia to have whale sharks. It is a home to Beluga whales, dolphins and whale sharks. With a total tank capacity of 37.85 million liters and the largest tank holding about 23.8 million liters. Opened in 2005, it has 5 galleries with more than 500 different species.

1. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Located in Zhuhai China, it is regarded as the world’s biggest aquarium in the world with the largest water capacity of about 48.8 million liters in total. With seven different aquatic area, it also holds the world record for the largest underwater viewing dome.

No matter how big the aquariums are, we always enjoy the beauty and diversity of aquatic life. So if you are a marine life enthusiast book your tickets, get your permits and move towards them.

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