10 exercises for total fat burning in 15 minutes


A training routine without machines and weights, that can make you super-fit in your own home.

You do not need to go to the gym to gain a tight body, because the ideal exercise tool to burn a lot of calories and increase your flexibility and strength is your own body weight. The proof is the following routine, which you should perform in your house or in the adjacent park.

The secret of this workout lies in the high rate of execution, which means that the faster you complete each exercise and move on to the next with just a few seconds of rest, the greater the benefit in burning fat.
Your main goal is to do the 10 exercises in 15 minutes, however if you are a beginner or a little more overweight 20 to 30 minutes is a good time.

The only sure thing is that if you try to perform this routine at least three days a week, in three weeks the 15 minutes will come out a little.
Warm up
Before you start, run on the spot for a few minutes and spend a few more minutes stretching your back, legs and hips.

The attitude of the dog

10 ασκήσεις για ολική καύση λίπους σε 15 λεπτά

Place your body in a bending position and automatically raise your hips, supporting the movement of your arms and legs. You return to the starting position and continue the movement for a minute, at the pace you can stand.

Chest opening


Place your feet in a wide viewing position, with one leg outstretched back and the other bent forward. Bend your torso and bring it over your bent knee, supporting your body with your hands. Then raise one hand vertically to the ceiling, turning the middle and return. You change hands and turn the waist and repeat the stretches alternately, for 30 ” for each hand.

Bends and stretches with rotations around yourself


You start with two push-ups and when you get up the second time you raise one hand outstretched and perpendicular to the ceiling while twisting the torso. Continue by bringing the arm behind the torso, leading your body to a supine position supported by the heels and palms (arms and legs outstretched). From there, you return to the starting position for bends. Perform as many repetitions as you can in 2 minutes.

Superman overextensions


Lie face down with the core turned on. Squeeze your buttocks by raising your legs straight behind you and at the same time press your back and shoulders by raising your arms straight in front of you. You stay there for 2 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat for 1 minute.

Side jumps and bending


With your knees slightly bent, you move your body to the left, attempting a long jump and landing with your left foot. Immediately, you move your body to the right with also a long jump and land with your right foot. After completing 5 jumps on each side, perform 5 bends.

Field running with knees up


Keeping the core activated, perform an on-site run, trying each time to bring the thighs in a vertical position with the torso. The hands move freely.



Sit with your feet straight on the floor and your hands behind your torso. Bend your knees and bring them as close to your chest as possible, tightening your abs well. Stay for 2 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the movement for 2 minutes.

Burpee with jump


From an upright position, bend down deeply, bending your knees and supporting your body with your hands perpendicular to the ground. Then push your arms forward and your legs back, taking turns bending and performing one. Automatically, you get up with your legs bent and perform a high jump. All this, for 5 times.

Board from push-ups


With your legs, torso and head straight and your elbows bent and close to your sides, you stay still for 30 ”. Relax for 15 ” and repeat 5 more times.

Russian twist


You sit on the floor with your knees bent and your feet in the air. The thighs and torso create a 90 degree angle, while the arms are joined at the fingertips. You move your arms once to the right-once to the left of the body, touching the floor and twisting the middle and the whole upper part of the torso respectively. Perform as many repetitions as possible for 2 minutes.

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