10 beautiful places in Greece that you must see once in your life


We have chosen 10 of the many places in Greece that you should absolutely visit once in your life.


The rocks of the gods with their monasteries compose a wild and inaccessible landscape that surely enchants every traveler. There you can visit the monasteries or climb the various routes, before returning to Kalambaka for food and rest.


Perhaps the most beautiful beach of Crete and one of the best in Greece and Europe. The crystal clear waters of the lagoon in various shades of turquoise and the white sands really give the impression of a remote exotic paradise.


The beautiful village of Kefalonia, in the north of the island, is an ideal location to relax, drink your coffee in the absolute island landscape among pine and cypress trees and then finish your day with a swim in the wild beach of Myrtos, famous all over the planet.


For those looking for a fairytale atmosphere, the castle town of Monemvasia in Laconia awaits you to experience it closed within its walls.


Amphitheatrically built on the outskirts of the Venetian castle, in the northwestern part of the prefecture of Preveza and on the shores of the Ionian Sea, Parga is a heavenly location, surrounded by a green landscape, with its narrow cobbled streets, traditional “cantons”, its flourishing neighborhoods, the amazing beaches and the view towards the islet of Panagia.

Plastira Lake

Just outside of Karditsa, a wonderful natural landscape awaits you that unfolds around the artificial lake. Don’t be disappointed by the fact that it is artificial, as it has been completely assimilated by the natural environment, which embraces it with dense forests of firs and chestnuts and with another 650 species and subspecies of flora as well as 67 species of fauna.

Valia Kalda

A natural paradise in the “neighborhood” of Pindos, Valia Kalda is perhaps the most important brown bear habitat in Greece and an ideal area for nature activities.


There are dozens of villages in Pelion, most of which are beautiful and each traveler has his favorite. The choice is difficult, but Tsagarada definitely belongs to the most atmospheric villages on the eastern side of Pelion, with a view of the Aegean and a highly romantic atmosphere. In the square of Agia Paraskevi, you will see a huge plane tree, which is one of the oldest trees in Europe and whose age is 1000 years.


One of the most special locations in Messinia, near the village of Charavgi, Polylimnio as its name suggests is a complex of many lakes and waterfalls in a magical sight. Although dangerous in some places, every year it is filled with eager travelers who can’t wait to dive into its icy waters.


A beautiful stop you must make in Laconian Mani. A small harbor with bright turquoise in the sea waters that looks like a painting and when it is not overrun by people in August it is a delight.

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