Let’s get to know 6 beautiful mountain villages in Europe

The mountain air, the special architecture, the rock formations and the lakes, the following villages give a fairytale dimension to the trip. And since we are not expected to see them up close soon with Omicron galloping, let’s put them on our agenda for our future travels. Lecco, Italy About […]


15 minutes of intense workout for easy fat loss!

For those of us who want to lose fat, there are two key factors to look out for. Our caloric deficit and exercise. There are many intense fitness programs that promise to give us a good result. But our goal must be specific. If we want to have belly fat […]

Food & Drinks

Hunter chicken (poulet sauté chasseur) with mushrooms and mashed potatoes

This recipe is all you need to turn the chicken into a very tasty dish, ideal for the weekend table. Materials2 kg chicken legs4 teaspoons flour soup1 teaspoon soup e.p. olive oil1 teaspoon butter soup2 long onions, cut into cubes250 gr. mushrooms3 cloves garlic, crushed2 teaspoons tomato pulp soup250 ml […]

Shows & Events

The “Tomorrow War” trailer has just been released – watch the trailer

Amazon has released the first official trailer for the blockbuster sci-fi “The Tomorrow War”, which debuted on July 2 and stars Chris Pratt as Dan Forester, a high school teacher (and military veterinarian) hired by a group of travelers. in time, to take part in a war, 30 years into […]

Clebrities News

“Mission: Impossible 7”: Tom Cruise outburst on set

An audio clip from the filming of “Mission: Impossible 7” in London, in which Tom Cruise angrily scolds members of the film crew for not complying with the protection measures against Covid-19, leaked to the British press. According to the newspaper The Sun, which owned the excerpt, the protagonist of […]


Inside the world’s largest super-yacht: 221 meters at a cost of $ 600 million

A cost of $ 600 million, the 221-meter Somnio will be the largest cruise ship when completed, in 2024. But this mega-yacht does not belong to one of the richest people on earth. It has 39 apartments, which will be sold at prices starting at $ 11 million. For the […]

Autos & Motos

Gunther Werks Speedster 993 “breaks”!

Gunther Werks shows us the great work it has done on the purple Porsche 993 Speedster with 435 hp. The car is not finished yet but it is on a good road and it definitely impresses, primarily with the color and style of its body. Gunther Werks takes the Porsche […]


Three beautiful Instagram places in the world

Their beauty looks unreal, each for different reasons, so much so that they look like they were created for … Instagram. Cinque Terre, ItalyWith so many colors, the famous Cinque Terre area on the west coast of Italy will hardly leave the visitor unmoved. Beautiful medieval villages, churches, traditional workshops […]

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